Adults JiuJitsu

Adults classes are fun and upbeat and cater to all skill levels. whether you want to train in the gi or no gi, whether you want to compete or just take it easy, we have plenty of classes for you.


No Gi
Taught by Coach Brett, these classes focus on tournament tested techniques that work for sport or real life. This class is the most popular with our Law Enforcement students.
Gi Fundamentals
Taught by Coach Michael and Coach Rosie, this class focuses on the bread and butter of jiujitsu - the basics. Come to this class no matter what your skill level, benefits will be had by all.
Gi Advanced
Taught by Coach Jack, this class focuses heavily on details. An advanced body movements warm up followed up by detailed jiujitsu instruction.
Competition Training
Ran by Coach Michael, comp class consists of an hours worth of 5 - 7 minutes sparring rounds. This class is often mistaken for an open mat - but the difference between the two classes is clear. Coach Michael doesn't yell at you during open mat, but he reserves the right to do so during competition class.
Open mat

The mat is yours to do what you wish. Get some hard rounds in or just do a few light ones; hang out with the team, chat it up, stretch, drill with a partner - whatever you'd like. The mat space is all yours.



**Sparring isn't required for adults in order to be a student here; but if you ever want to receive a blue belt, then it's absolutely required.**