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Meet The Team


Michael Stratton

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Michael is a Brazilian jiujitsu black belt under Megaton Dias. He’s been on the mats since 1993 when he joined the JH Wrestling team.


Brett Byron

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Brett "Blunt force" Bryon is a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt who was born and raised here in Petaluma. He attended Casa Grande High School, where he tried wrestling for the first time.


Jack Coyston 

Jack Coyston is a Brazilian jiujitsu brown belt. Originally born and raised in England he moved to sunny California with his family in 2001.


Rose Stratton

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Rosie Stratton is a Brazilian Jiujitsu brown belt who began training regularly in 2013. Being married to Michael, she was around jiujitsu all of the time and knew that once her family was established, she was going be on the mats.